Wealth Words Review

Wealth Words is an online game platform centered around… words games, as you might have guessed. They currently have 3 types of games: crosswords, poems and stories. The aim is always the same, find a word based on clues. Wealth Words is available in English, in Chinese and in Hindi).

Wealth Words Review: Earn Real Money On Crosswords And Other Riddles Games

Wealth Words allow users to earn money while playing game in 2 different ways:

  • Free contests: you can join a game and win the prize if you are the winner. It pays usually from 20 to $50
  • Entry contests: you must buy tokens in order to participate to this type of contest (that pays more). You can earn a couple of hundreds.

Tokens cost from $0.25 to 0.20 according to the quantity purchased.

Games you can play to earn money on WW

So far Wealth Words propose 3 games:

  • Crosswords
  • Poem
  • Story

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Pros and cons of Wealth Words


  • Free contests that allows you to eanr money by simply playing, without stake


  • Limited to word games and riddles

Wealth Words free tokens promo code

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