Skillz Review

Skillz is a platform that connects mobile players around the world in various competitions for money. Rather than having one app that displays all the game, Skillz platform is integrated to games willing to join the offering. Skills distribute around USD 60 million in prizes. They are based in the United States (San Francisco).

Skillz review: features

  • Head-to-head matches
  • Bracketed multiplayer tournaments
  • 50,000 player live events
  • Leagues and leaderboards
  • Apple & Android mobiles compatible
  • Real-world prizes for qualifying games

How does Skillz work?

Skillz does not have a dedicated app. You will use it by installing and playing games that joined the Skillz concept. All those games are free to use until you wage money.

You can find the list of games on Skillz official website. Listing all of them would be too time consuming since Skillz have hundreds of games. They cover every genre you can think of:

  • Board
  • Cards
  • Action
  • Puzzle
  • Sports
  • Racing
  • Words

Skillz uses a proprietary algorithm that matches players of similar level, whether it is a head to head match or a tournament. The algorithm analyses games history and ability of every player.

Is Skillz legal?

Yes. However players located in certain juridictions might not be able to play for money. As per Skillz, its money earning games are available in around 75% of the world. In the United States, Skillz is legal except in AZ, AR, CT, DE, FL, LA, MT, SC, SD, and TN. The app uses geolocation to prevent users living in restricted areas to access cash gameplay. And, of course, you must be +18 to play Skillz games for money.

How to open a Skillz account?

To open a Skillz account, you simply have to install one of the Skillz library game. The app will automatically assign you a username. You can update it in the Account section of the app. Those options are standard across all games powered by Skillz. Username and password are also shared acress Skillz games as they use the same API. The same goes for your balance.

How to deposit money on Skillz (payment methods)

Skillz offers only 2 deposit methods, but they are very popular:

  • Credit card (or debit card)
  • Paypal

They are also available for withdrawals. You can deposit money on Skillz by tapping on “Store” (cart icon) from the main menu of any Skillz app.

Pros and cons of Skillz


  • Big community, tons of events to wage on
  • Possibility to earn serious money
  • Wager starts as little as $0.60


  • Limited to mobile games
  • Some games are only available for iOS or Android