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Find out everything you need to know before registering in our Betverse review. Betverse is a skills-based betting and gaming platform that allow users to get paid to play games. It offers a wide range of games: mini-games, indie games, AAA games such as CS:GO, Fortnite, mobile games, etc. You can simply play the games for fun, or bet on yourself to make money. You can also challenge other games of similar skills. Register now to start using it (it’s legit and legal, aka regulated) and/or keep reading the review.

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Betverse Review: Earn Real Money When Playing Games

Betverse is open to any developer. Anybody can submit a game and get his share of the profits (Betverse charge a betting fee to cover the cost of the service). Mobile games, PC games, you will find a wide variety of video games to play. Users can earn money in several ways:

  • 1P mode: the gamer will earn x times his stake if he
  • 2P mode: the gamer can challenge any other gamer on the platform. In a 2P game (in a 2 players fight game, for example, or a football match), or a 1P game (who will score the most points at a given 1P game)
  • Group betting: 2 teams of players challenging each other
  • Leaderboard: the gamer who ranks the highest win a prize pool (Betverse War)

Betverse review

The platform has a strong humorous and sarcastic tone. Meet Kek the crazy psychopath clown boss and other colorful characters such as Bijou Shitokakishan, a villager with lower than average English skills who is a textbook example of Dunning Kruger effect. It’s the perfect place for people who enjoy online games, banter and taunting. Add a pinch of betting and you get an addictive platform thanks to this unique mix of ingredients.

Games you can play to earn money on Betverse

Betverse is open to any developer. Mobile games, browser games, PC games, you will find a wide variety of video games to play. Users can earn money in several ways:

  • Pool Game
  • Puzzle games
  • Card games (solitaire, etc.)
  • Arcade games
  • Sport games (golf, basket-ball…)
  • Racing games
  • Strategy games
  • Platformers
  • Luck games
  • FPS
  • Etc.

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At the moment, the most popular games are Cryptoblast 3, Tanks Gone Wild, Cubeblast, The Nutjob, Chaos, Cryptotunnel, Cubeblast, Mahatma Quiz, Hoopster, Drunk Driving, etc. Let’s continue this Betverse review with the different play modes that are offered.

Ways to make cash on BV

There are 3 main ways to make cash in BV. :

  • Bet & play (1P mode): the system sets a target score to reach, and a payout (as a percentage of your stake)
  • Challenge (2P mode): you play against another gamer
  • Contests known as Wars : prizes is paid to players reaching the top 3 of the leaderboard

Make cash with Cryptoblast 3 (BV)

Four amounts can be staked in any mode: 1 dollar, 5 dollars, 10 dollars or 25 dollars (amounts will be increased when out of open beta). One dollar is great to just spice up challenges with friends or strangers, 25 dollars allow you to earn serious money in a short timeframe (in challenge mode, you can make 47.5 dollars, or 22.5 dollars net).

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Bet & Play mode Betverse review

In this mode, you bet against yourself. Betverse algorithm sets a certain target to reach, and a payout as a percentage of your stake. The first target of every game is fixed, as is the payout (80%). For example, here is the first target of Cryptotunnel:

1P mode in Betverse (Bet & Play)

If you reach 44 points, you earn $1.8 if you stake 1 dollar, 9 dollars if you stake 5, 45 dollars if you wager 25 dollars, etc. If you win your bet, the system increases the target score, and the payout as well. Each game has a different setting regarding difficulty and payout increase. When you lose, the opposite happens: target decreases. Unless you failed at the first target, or you bet 1 dollar (because gamers might lose on purpose small bets, then win on a 25 dollars bet).

Challenge mode: 2P games

Betverse allows you to challenge any user of the platform, whether it’s a friend or a total stranger! Just click on Challenge, select a gamer in the list and send your proposal. You can set the stake amount (1 to 25 dollars) and the challenge duration (1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes or 10 minutes). The gamer who scores the highest earns 90% of the bet amount. Once the challenge is sent, the user has 30 seconds to respond.

Betverse: 2P mode (challenge)

War mode : battle royale on mini-games

The freshly introduced war mode allows players to compete against each other on any Betverse game. Anybody can wage a war on any game (as far as there is no ongoing war on that game yet). You can participate by buying tries, called ammos, at the price of 10 ammos for 1 dollar. The system takes into account the 5 best scores of each player to make the ranking. You can buy as many ammos as you wish. The more people buy ammos to improve their overall score, the more the pot increase!

Betverse war mode (skill gaming)

The Warboard shows the best score of each participant, but it does not tell you about their top 5 average score (which is used to declare the winners). You can however find it out by digging into the Activities tab of the game.

War prizes are distributed this way:

  • 80% for the winner
  • 7 % for the runner up
  • 3 % for the third player

The remaining 10% are collected by “Kek and his family” (platform fee).

How to deposit & withdraw on BV?

Betverse supports an expanding array of deposit and withdrawal methods:

  • Debit and credit cards (VISA, Mastercard) : deposit
  • Fasapay: deposit and withdrawal
  • AdvCash: deposit and withdrawal
  • Ethereum: deposit and withdrawal

Betverse review: Is it legal?

Yes. While Betverse is open to anybody to play for fun, it is closed to certain regions due to regulations. The platform has a Curacao license (licence GLH-OCCHKTW0703122019, see this). This official page clearly states that “The above Casino or Sportsbook is licensed and authorized by the Government of Curacao and operates under the Master License of Gaming Services Provider, N.V. #365/JAZ as an Information Service Provider. They have passed all compliance and are legally authorized to conduct gaming operations for all games of chance and wagering.

Pros and cons of Betverse

To wrap up this Betverse review, here are the strong and weak points of Betverse:


  • Wide range of money earning games
  • Good gamers can earn a substantial income playing games
  • Regulated platform (for skill games and casino games)
  • Reasonable fees


  • In open beta: not all functionalities are in place yet

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