Playtopia – Play and Win ( review

Play and Win ( is also known as Playtopia. It is a gaming platform that is claimed to allow you to pocket real money by entering tournaments or winning prizes. Playtopia is a platform owned by the Danish company CEGO A/S (based in Aalborg). All games are free to play. Users can pay for VIP membership. Let’s delve now in our indepth Playtopia – Play and Win (UK) review.

Playtopia Play and Win (

Play and Win ( review: make money playing online

Unfortunately, the information claiming that you can earn money while playing games on Playtopia is wrong (as a stark reminder that you shouldn’t take at face value everything you find on the Internet). Playtopia/Play and Win merely allows you to win tokens that are used in the various games the platform has to offer. It cannot be converted in real money. It is clearly stated in the terms:

Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or other prizes such as a free VIP membership.

Why do you list it? Because you might be convinced it is possible to make cash on Playtopia / Play and Win ( We therefore just want to spare you some time as we just wasted some to find out how to cash out to find out it’s not possible. Register directly on SkillGaming and you will find what you want. It is also a social gaming platform (free and unrestricted if you just want to play for fun). Plus you can earn real money.

Games you can play to earn money on Playtopia / Play and Win (

At the time of writing, Playtopia / Play and Win ( has around 20 games that are available (browser games). It includes genre such as puzzle, arcade, luck games, board games, etc.:

  • Mahjong
  • Tower Empire
  • Picture Logic Color
  • Farm Empire
  • Siesta Solitaire
  • Bubble Zoo
  • Neighbor Wars
  • Voodoo Friends
  • Time Machine
  • Jigsaw puzzle
  • Pow
  • Balloon Buster 3
  • Bingo Spinner
  • Etc.

Pros and cons of Play and Win (

To conclude this Playtopia / Play and Win ( review, it is merely a social gaming platform that is trying to monetize fairly simple games without the possibility to let you earn back, and that can be played for free and without restrictions on many other platforms such as SkillGaming.


  • None for the sake of what interests us (you cannot earn real money playing their games)


  • Tokens that can be bought with real money but cannot be sold for real money…