Gamee Review

Gamee is a gaming social-network-based mobile platform. It offers a website and a mobile app which enables its users to connect, share, and play games using their PC or mobile phone without prior downloads (HTML 5 minigames). It was founded in 2015 by Bozena Rezab, Jan Castek, Lukas Stibor, and Miroslav Chmelka. It is based in the Czech republic. Is it good to earn money, legit? We find out in this Gamee review.


Gamee Review: social network gaming

Gamee is solely based on mini games. It offers HTML5 games that are ideal to be played, on the go, easily without download. All you need is a device (PC, tablet, phone) and an Internet connection. Anybody can therefore enjoy Gamee games, any computer or virtually any phone will do. Games can be played from the Gamee app, from the website, Facebook or Telegram.

Gamee is free all across the board. Registration, playing games, there are no costs for the gamer.

How to earn money on Gamee?

You probably wonder how to earn money on Gamee?  Prizes distribution works based on a tickets system. It works a bit like a lottery. But instead of having to purchase those tickets, you must play games, watch ads or refer gamers to collect them. The more tickets you get, the more chances you have to win the prize. It is at the moment worth $100, paid within 4 to 6 weeks. 3 contests are organized every week (on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, 6pm GMT).

Games you can play to earn money on Gamee

This platform is limited to HTML5 games. However you will find a wide range of games, such as:

  • Steel Disco
  • Karat Kido 2
  • Neon Blaster
  • Getaway
  • MotoFX2
  • Crazy Cat
  • Hexonix (puzzle)
  • 1+2=3
  • Football Star
  • Qubo
  • Spiky Fish
  • Donald’s Wall
  • Speed Driver
  • Etc.

Gamee review

Gamee review: is it legal?

The way Gamee operates is totally legal. Indeed, they simply distribute prizes via random draws to people playing games or watching ads. As contests are legal basically everywhere in the world, there is no legal issue. You simply have to make sure you report this income if it is taxable in your country of residence.

Pros and cons of Gamee

To finalize this Gamee review, let’s summarize the pros and cons of this money earning games platform. In short, Gamee has the advantages of its drawbacks:


  • Anybody can play since technical requirements are very low
  • Anybody can earn money, no need to be a God
  • No need to pay a subscription or to wage money to earn


  • Skills are only partially contributing to your chances of making money. Indeed, your talent will help you pocket more tickets. But those just increase your chances to win, luck still plays a big role in determining the winner. Furthemore, referrals grant tickets, which means gamers can compete with marketers for the prizes
  • Ads can be irritating
  • Gamee is limited to HTML5 minigames, which lack of depth in many instances, you won’t find esports material there

Gamee review: company profile

Since its inception in 2015 in Prague, Gamee has grown substantially. Forbes has ranked GAMEE as one of the Czech Republic’s 10 most promising start-ups. Hand-picked by Google as one of 30 companies worldwide for inclusion in its Launchpad mentoring program, GAMEE delivers up a unique social and casual gaming platform. Giants of the social networking and instant messaging world – Facebook, Telegram and KIK among them – have already teamed up with GAMEE. In fact, it is one of Facebook’s 10 Instant Games developers. Currently attracting more than 8 million monthly gamers, Gamee’s user numbers are soaring. To conclude this gamee review : Gamee is a bunch of young people turning the gaming world on its head from a Cubist villa on the quayside in Prague.