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Money earning games : list of dedicated platforms

 Games Platform(s)Monetization TypeRatingOpen siteReview
Betverse logoPC, Mac, Android, iOS, Browser gamesContests, Skills-Based Betting, 2P4 starsJoinReview
SkillzMobile gamesContests, Tournaments, 2P4 starJoinReview
Gamee LogoMinigames (PC, mobile)Paid to Play/Lottery3 starJoinReview
GetPaidTo GamesBrowser gamesPaid to Play/Lottery2.5 starsJoinReview
G-Loot logoPCContests, Skills-Based Betting3 starsJoinReview
swagbucks logoBrowser gamesAds2 starsJoinReview
Browser gamesContests, Skills-Based Betting2.5 starsJoinReview
sitagoBrowser gamesSkills-Based Betting2 starsJoinReview
Second LifePC, MACPaid to play (virtual economy)3 starsJoinReview
Playtopia Play and Win LogoBrowser gamesNonehalf starJoinReview


CryptoBlast 3 : Tips & Trick + gameplay (130 points game)

Here is a video about Cryptoblast 3 gameplay, and more importantly how to improve. I believe that Cryptoblast 3 is so far the best game on SkillGaming. Other people seem to agree since it is right now the most popular. However some players have trouble to score high....

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How to improve your gaming skills

Gaming can be competitive. Whether you play for fun or to earn money, you might want to improve your gaming skills. Even if the sole aim is to have fun, it is always more entertaining when victory is the outcome. In this article we will provide you with a list of tips...

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Esports: what it takes to play games and make money

Esports is the most straightforward way to play games and make money. However, it is also quite demanding. As in every sport, you need of course some natural talent to excel. But also quite some work. Professional gaming is also demanding in many aspects. It involves...

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The highest paying esports video games

Before the emergence of platforms such as SkillGaming, selling skins or competing in esports tournament were the only way to make money while playing games. This said, what are the highest paying games when it relates to esport tournaments and prize money ? Dota 2...

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Get paid to play various games on different platforms

  • Earn money to play PC games
  • Mobile games (Android, iOS)
  • Console games (Playstation, XBOX, etc.)

We will list the different games and platforms that are dedicated to allow video games addict to make money to do what they like the most… Play, of course. Until now selling skins or become an esport pro were the only way to monetize this skill. With platforms such as SkillGaming, G-Loot, Arena Match,  GetPaidTo, etc., you can earn money directly by:

  • Entering a competition and win the pool prize
  • Simply play (you get paid by simply being exposed to ads)
  • Skill-based betting: you bet that you can beat your opponent, an AI or that you can reach a certain score/achievement

Skill-based betting: make money while playing games

Gambling is a very popular. Besides the perspective to earn money, it is a hobby that provides adrenaline shots to millions around the world. However the outcome depends, in many cases,  on pure luck. One notable exception being poker (although chance is still involved). What if you could wage money on yourself on video games. This possibility is available thanks to nascent platforms that are introducing skills-based betting. Or gamebling, if you wish!

Casual games or triple A

You can bet on yourself VS another player. Play an AAA title such as CS:GO and bet that you will kill X opponents, or a minigame or indie game and take a similar wager. For the casual gamer it makes matches vs friends even more interesting. The pros can really secure an income with skill-based betting.

Platform reviews

Browse our platform reviews to find the best places to play games and make real money. Are you looking for casual games? To wager on the most popular titles? Board or card games? We cover all the platforms that allow you to play and earn, such as SkillGaming, Sitago, Wealth Words, G-Loot, Swagbucks, GetPaidTo Games, etc.