In a previous article, we have covered the birth of “Kay Cobra DOJO“. A structure that we aptly dubbed “a safe place for challenged gamers“. As we emphasized, being special should not lead to ostracisation. Within a 2.5 billion gamers cohort, there are inevitably some third class players. While fight for rights equality should be a priority, we also have to recognize that nature, on its dark side, can be very cruel. We are not born equal in capacities, that’s the sad reality. That’s why we have to pay special attention to those special gamers. Kay Cobra, given his own challenges, has understood this better than anyone. And instead of lamenting, he acted decisively. Too much, maybe.

The ransom of success

Thanks to the unique appeal of the DOJO, more than average gamers flocked. At first, Kay Cobra (picture above; stress induced by the DOJO had a toll on his scalp) was pleased with this success. But quickly, it became a problem. Facilities are full. Inapt gamers are overcrowding the place. Since security is in jeopardy, the DOJO had no other alternative than reject new applications.

This is of course a big problem, given the hope aroused by the DOJO misssion. “I can barely score 10 points at Neon Zapper, or at any other game but Chaos,said a visibly disappointed Lewis Gonçalves, turned out like many others. “Despite that, they told me I could not join because they have a boatload of shit gamers. What am I going to do now? I’m devastated. I even prepared nice explanations on how to cook perfectly bacalao. I cannot share my expertise with anyone now.” (note: bacalao is codfish in portuguese, a disgustedly oversalted fish considered as a delicacy by Lusitanians).

Moving to a bigger place would be the ideal option. But for that, money is required. It isn’t, of course, with SkillGaming DOJO members gains that the move can be financed. To the contrary. Providing money to funds members SG balance is part of the generous actions undertaken by the DOJO.

Please, HELP!

To be able to pursue its mission, the DOJO needs your help? What can you do? You can eventually make a donation. If you are an SXDT investor, it won’t be completey lost as it will end up in the DALP. Another option is to adopt a gamer. This will help to free up some space. And if you have an old Sega or GameBoy, it will be the opportunity to give it a second life.