Betverse, the one of a kind universe where skill gaming meets betting, rebrands. It is now SkillGaming in order to reflect better its mission. Which is to create a community of gamers sharing one passion: skill gaming.

Why SkillGaming instead of Betverse?

Betverse was a cool name. But because of ideological reasons, it was pushing away some people. Not everybody is fond of betting. As catchy as it was, Betverse gave to some people the wrong impression that it is a pure betting platform. If it’s true that you can bet on yourself or challenge others for money, the platform has way more to offer to its users. You can definitely enjoy Betverse and its unique universe without wagering. Whether it is becoming a God of XP points, dominating the leaderboards or simply enjoying the games, SkillGaming can be enjoyed in many ways. It is a casino only for people seeing it that way.

SkillGaming, what does it change?

The website has moved from to Beside the logo and the domain, nothing has changed. You will still find the same functionalities and characters (we had hoped the rude Bijou Shitokakishan would have been kicked, unfortunately it’s not the case). New features keep getting added, but they have nothing to do with the rebranding. SkillGaming is still a young project that keeps evolving and improving. For example, you can expect next the opening of a shop in which you will be able to buy a range of cosmetics and weapons to make your gaming experience even more fun. The SkillGaming mobile app will be released soon.