Here is a video about Cryptoblast 3 gameplay, and more importantly how to improve. I believe that Cryptoblast 3 is so far the best game on SkillGaming. Other people seem to agree since it is right now the most popular. However some players have trouble to score high. Before I show you a +130 game, let’s start with the tricks and tips. Some might sounds obvious, but others you won’t know about!

CryptoBlast 3 trips and tricks to improve

The first important thing to figure out is which with weapons loadout you are the more comfy. In CryptoBlast 3 you can upgrade your arsenal with the coins you gather in-game. You can increase your firepower or the one of your pet ship. Improving your spaceship from the initial set-up will give you an advantage, but upgrading too much has the opposite effect. You’ll have to find the sweet spot between firepower and the number of times you must hit a ball to destroy it. Some will disagree because it’s subjective, but I found the most efficient set-up to be the one below.

Cryptoblast3 ideal upgrade

Tip: You can clear your weapons by clearing your SkillGaming cookies in your browser

About in-game tips, the first one is you never stop shooting. The second would be to ignore the falling coins. You will collect them while moving, so no need to stare at them, or worse to move to collect them immediately. They don’t give points. Therefore your only focus should be the falling balls. It is also important to destroy first smaller balls so that your screen is as clean as possible. However you also have to take into account the rebound height. You have to avoid as much as possible to waste bullets, you always want to hit something. If destroying a small ball means you have to wait that it rebounds, or you end up on a part of the screen where you won’t be able to shoot anything else, you must disregard that rule.

When you are in survival mode, when you start to get overwhelmed, you will simply focus on dodging rather that thinking about what to shoot first, otherwise you risk dying in a matter of seconds. Last trick: if you are tired of holding the left button of your mouse to fire, there is a simple trick to autofire if you use Windows. Go to your mouse settings, click advanced and tick the ClickLock checkbox. After a few seconds of pressing your left mouse button, you can release it and it will emulate press. Great, now your mouse is on autofire!

Autofire mouse in SkillGaming

That’s it for the tips, now let’s watch a +130 points gameplay.

CryptoBlast 3 gameplay (SkillGaming)