Gaming can be competitive. Whether you play for fun or to earn money, you might want to improve your gaming skills. Even if the sole aim is to have fun, it is always more entertaining when victory is the outcome. In this article we will provide you with a list of tips and tricks to show you how you to improve your gaming performance.

Of course, practice is what is the most important to enhance your skills. But beside relentless play, they are various ways to become a better gamer.

Improve your gaming performance with adjustments

To perform when you are playing online games, you need to set the perfect conditions. You need accessories such as keyboard, mouse and headset that are adequate in terms of performance. But also that are comfortable. It’s not because your favorite game or use a certain type of mouse that it is the best fit for you. The same can be said about mouse sensitivy. Players that are equally good can play with DPIs that are completely different.

Adjusting your screen with a higher level of brightness can also help you to gain that fraction of a second that will give you an edge on your opponent. It’s sometimes hard to spot an opponent in a dark spot. Increasing the brightness of your screen can solve this problem. You also need to find a position that gives you good support and is comfy to sustain longer gaming sessions.

Record your gameplay

In high paced games such as FPS and Battle Royale games (let’s say Apex Legends), it’s not always easy to understand what mistakes you make. That’s why it is always a good idea to record when you play. You can afterwards analyze what you did well and wrong. Were you to aggressive? Or to the contrary, were you too passive? Did you miss a player that flanked you? Do you have troubles to use properly a certain gun? Watching your own gameplay will help you to understand on what areas you need to focus and correct bad habits that will improve your gaming performance.

Learn from others by watching video and tutorials

Even if you watch your own gameplay, it might not be obvious to understand what you should do to perform better. Thanks to tools such as Twitch on YouTube, you have the opportunity to observe the gameplay of pro players. Some videos are even specifically designed to teach how to play a game, how to use a gun, how to use a specific character, etc. Not every video is good, but some are really master courses. If you like Apex Legends for example, aceu made an amazing video on how to move well in this game. Watching such gaming tutorial and video is maybe less fun than playing, but you will undoubtedly learn a lot doing so.

Last tips

Finally, if you really have to perform (tournament, skill-based betting on SkillGaming, G-Loot, etc.), you have to make sure that you play when the conditions are optimal. Which means when you are well rested, when you didn’t drink alcohol or too much coffee (or energy drink). Same can be said if you are stressed or frustrated: don’t play, this won’t do you any good (unless you want to become the next Dellor).