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Money earning games : list of dedicated platforms

 Games Platform(s)Monetization TypeRatingOpen siteReview
Betverse logoPC, Mac, Android, iOS, Browser gamesContests, Skills-Based Betting, 2P4 starsJoinReview
SkillzMobile gamesContests, Tournaments, 2P4 starJoinReview
Gamee LogoMinigames (PC, mobile)Paid to Play/Lottery3 starJoinReview
GetPaidTo GamesBrowser gamesPaid to Play/Lottery2.5 starsJoinReview
G-Loot logoPCContests, Skills-Based Betting3 starsJoinReview
swagbucks logoBrowser gamesAds2 starsJoinReview
Browser gamesContests, Skills-Based Betting2.5 starsJoinReview
sitagoBrowser gamesSkills-Based Betting2 starsJoinReview
Second LifePC, MACPaid to play (virtual economy)3 starsJoinReview
Playtopia Play and Win LogoBrowser gamesNonehalf starJoinReview


DOJO Cobra Kay: a new safe place for challenged gamers

Injured and abandoned animals have the RSPCA. Left behind elderly people have retirement homes. Unfortunate children have orphanages. But so far, clumsy or challenged gamers had no place to hide. Thanks to Kay Cobra, no more. A new organization, called DOJO, is...

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Betverse rebrands to SkillGaming

Betverse, the one of a kind universe where skill gaming meets betting, rebrands. It is now SkillGaming in order to reflect better its mission. Which is to create a community of gamers sharing one passion: skill gaming. Why SkillGaming instead of Betverse? Betverse was...

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SkillGaming War: what is it, how to win?

SkillGaming War is the latest SkillGaming skills gaming mode that allow gamers to earn money. How does it work, what should you know before becoming a warrior, what are the prizes? Today we delve into SkillGaming war mode, that allows you to fight cohorts of gamers at...

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Drunk Driving game : earn 20 dollars in 2 minutes!

Driving drunk is bad, even criminal... Unless you are in the crazy gaming world of SkillGaming! In this game, you don't have to be fast or to beat an opponent. Just try to stay on the road because the driver's driving skills are... well, a bit impaired by an excessive...

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Skills based betting: common mistakes to avoid

You like to play games. You're pretty good at it, actually. Skills based betting seem the perfect opportunity to make some cash while playing games. However, you will quickly learn that playing for money is completely different than playing for fun or prestige. The...

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Day Trader: how to play and earn money (1P or 2P mode)

Here is Day Trader, another SkillGaming game that you can play for fun or to earn real cash. The game is a bit technical, but with some training you can master it pretty easily, then challenge other users or the computer. You can earn from 30% up to 250% according to...

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How To Become A Better Gamer

The competitive world of video games has grown more demanding by the day and becoming a better gamer has become one of the most important aspects of video game competition. There are numerous ways to improve your skills as a gamer, but the first step is to decide...

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What Exactly Is Esports?

Esports is the new buzzword for everyone interested in making money from the internet. It seems that every gaming enthusiast wants to be involved in competitive gaming and the scene. So, what exactly is Esports? To put it plainly, esports is a growing trend among the...

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Revenge of the Cubes Gameplay (Betverse money game)

This video show some Revenge of the Cubes gameplay in challenge mode. This mode allows you to challenge fellow gamers and earn 90 percent of your stake. SkillGaming is a regulated platform that allows you to play a lot of games for fun (XP) or to earn real cash (1P or...

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Get paid to play various games on different platforms

  • Earn money to play PC games
  • Mobile games (Android, iOS)
  • Console games (Playstation, XBOX, etc.)

We will list the different games and platforms that are dedicated to allow video games addict to make money to do what they like the most… Play, of course. Until now selling skins or become an esport pro were the only way to monetize this skill. With platforms such as SkillGaming, G-Loot, Arena Match,  GetPaidTo, etc., you can earn money directly by:

  • Entering a competition and win the pool prize
  • Simply play (you get paid by simply being exposed to ads)
  • Skill-based betting: you bet that you can beat your opponent, an AI or that you can reach a certain score/achievement

Skill-based betting: make money while playing games

Gambling is a very popular. Besides the perspective to earn money, it is a hobby that provides adrenaline shots to millions around the world. However the outcome depends, in many cases,  on pure luck. One notable exception being poker (although chance is still involved). What if you could wage money on yourself on video games. This possibility is available thanks to nascent platforms that are introducing skills-based betting. Or gamebling, if you wish!

Casual games or triple A

You can bet on yourself VS another player. Play an AAA title such as CS:GO and bet that you will kill X opponents, or a minigame or indie game and take a similar wager. For the casual gamer it makes matches vs friends even more interesting. The pros can really secure an income with skill-based betting.

Platform reviews

Browse our platform reviews to find the best places to play games and make real money. Are you looking for casual games? To wager on the most popular titles? Board or card games? We cover all the platforms that allow you to play and earn, such as SkillGaming, Sitago, Wealth Words, G-Loot, Swagbucks, GetPaidTo Games, etc.